Industry 4.0 and Online Product Configurators

Industry 4.0 and Online Product Configurators

Industrie 4.0 und Online Produktkonfiguratoren

Industry 4.0 is a term that describes the fourth industrial revolution characterized by the progressive digitization and interconnection of production processes and products. Industry 4.0 refers to the use of intelligent systems that can make decisions and control processes based on data analysis and machine learning. By networking machines and equipment, as well as integrating sensors and actuators, a highly automated and flexible production environment is created.

Industry 4.0 aims to increase the efficiency, flexibility, and quality of production while reducing costs. It also enables the consideration of individual customer needs in production and facilitates customer-oriented production.

The implementation of Industry 4.0 requires comprehensive integration of IT systems and technologies in production, as well as close cooperation between mechanical engineering, electronics, and IT companies.


Industry Revolution 4.0 looking towards the future

Industry 4.0 is a term that refers to the fourth industrial revolution characterized by the interconnection of machines and systems and the use of technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, and the Internet of Things (IoT). It is difficult to predict exactly what Industry 4.0 will look like in the future, but here are some possible developments:

  1. Increased automation: The use of robotics and artificial intelligence will further increase automation in industry. Robots will be able to perform more complex tasks and adapt flexibly to new situations.
  2. Enhanced interconnection: More and more machines and systems will be interconnected to enable seamless communication and collaboration. The Internet of Things will play a key role in interconnection.
  3. Personalized production: Thanks to networking and automation, production will increasingly become personalized. Customers can order individual products that will be automatically manufactured.
  4. Data-driven optimization: By using sensors and data analysis, the industry will be able to continuously optimize its processes and products, making them more efficient.
  5. New business models: The progressive digitization and interconnection will lead to new business models, such as the pay-per-use model, where customers only pay for the actual use of the service.
  6. Increased flexibility: Industry 4.0 will enable companies to quickly respond to changing conditions and customer requirements, as well as adapt quickly to new market developments.

These developments will help Industry 4.0 to become even more prominent and continue to evolve in the future.


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Personalized Production 4.0: Product Configurator

Personalized production is one of the central concepts of Industry 4.0. It refers to the ability to produce products in smaller quantities and tailored to individual customer needs. This makes production more flexible, and products are better suited to meet the specific needs of customers.


Here are some possible scenarios of how personalized production could look like in Industry 4.0:

Mass Customization: This concept describes the production of individualized products in large quantities. For example, customers can select specific features of their products from a list of options, such as color, material, or design. The production is then automated and made-to-order.

3D Printing: 3D printing enables the production of personalized products in small quantities. Customers can either design their own product or select from a library of design templates. The production is automated and completed in a short amount of time.

Cyber-Physical Systems: These systems allow for products to be automatically customized to individual customer requirements. Sensors in the production environment detect customer needs and communicate them to the machines. The machines then adjust automatically to produce the desired product.

Customer Integration: Customers can actively participate in the production process. For example, they can adjust specific features of their product online or participate in a certain phase of the production process.

Personalized Services: Not only products, but also services can be personalized. Customers can select special service packages tailored to their specific needs or actively contribute to the service being provided.

Overall, personalized production in Industry 4.0 will increase flexibility and customer satisfaction and lead to innovative business models. The online product configurator will play an important role in Industry 4.0 as it is a central component for personalized production. The product configurator is a tool that allows customers to configure their products online by selecting specific features such as size, material, color, design, etc. The configuration is then automatically forwarded to production to create the individual product.

Here are some reasons why the product configurator is important in Industry 4.0:

Personalized Production: The product configurator enables personalized production of products by allowing customers to select individual features and characteristics for their product. This allows companies to respond to the individual needs and desires of customers and achieve higher customer satisfaction.

Automation: The product configurator can be integrated into the automated production process, allowing configuration data to be automatically forwarded to the machines. This makes production more efficient and reduces production time.

Error Avoidance: Since customers configure their products themselves, errors due to incorrect orders or configurations can be avoided. Configuration data is automatically forwarded to production, minimizing human error.

Cost Savings: Through personalized production with the product configurator, companies can reduce their inventory as they produce only on demand. This can also lower storage costs and reduce production costs.

Customer Loyalty: Through personalized production with the product configurator, companies can increase customer loyalty, as customers have the ability to personalize and customize their products. This creates a higher customer experience and a stronger connection to the company.


Overall, the product configurator will play an important role in Industry 4.0 by allowing companies to efficiently and cost-effectively produce personalized products that meet the individual needs of customers.


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