It’s not easy to find a good e-commerce system for one’s goals, especially when a marketing plan for business growth is set and the online store needs to run stably. This requirement requires careful analysis of specific store plugins, available features and tools. This is one of the most important decisions in terms of sustainable B2B growth and business scaling. To help you make this decision, WebiProg would like to explain in as much detail as possible all the factors that would possibly best fit your current business needs.

What is Shopware 6?

Shopware 6 is a modern and modular online store system that lets you combine enterprise-level store features with flexibility. This system is absolutely extensible and can be customized to your needs with additional features or custom layouts. The store system is also suitable for small and medium-sized businesses and offers the possibility to set up the online store quickly and promptly, expand it with ready-to-use plugins and generate profit quickly.

Shopware 6 is an open-source technology based on the MIT license. This fact allows the store community to modify the system without any restrictions and expand it at the plugin level. A wide and active community around technology is crucial nowadays. It provokes the store system to rapid development, with community participants constantly creating new plugins and revising existing ones.

Shopware 5 vs Shopware 6

We should emphasize that Shopware 6 is not the next iteration of Shopware 5. It is an absolutely different store system, built from scratch with modern philosophy and architecture. The newest store system follows the API-first approach and allows you to create a unique commerce platform based on REST API. All functions of the 6ter version can be controlled through the API interface, allowing merchants to use the store as a central for all sales channels. This is especially true when products are sold simultaneously through multiple sales channels, such as Amazon, social media or POS. The approach also opens the way for Shopware 6 integrations with voice assistants, communication devices, mobile apps and more.

What’s new in Shopware 6?

A flexible rule builder for customizing prices, shipping, costs, and content allows store owners to implement even complex processes or dependencies without programming knowledge.

In addition, the system offers extensive customization for customer context. Retailers can configure their offerings and customize both the content and the user interface to suit circumstances, allowing orders to be placed by voice, for example.

Overview of the Shopware 6 architecture

As mentioned above, the latest store version has been completely reprogrammed from scratch and is based on the API-first concept, where every action in the store system is accessible through the API interface and available in every sales channel. Such an approach enables retailers to offer their products regardless of device, location and time. It would then hardly make sense to mention to what extent integration with other API-based third-party systems such as CRM, ERP or PIM is easy.

The store system consists of three top-level blocks:

  • Shopware Core has all the trading resources and processes
  • Shopware Administration is an interface for editing resources from the administrator’s point of view
  • Shopware Storefront is the standard front-end application
  • The heart of the system – the Headless Core – is a modular, separable and scalable API interface consisting of three independent services: Admin API, Sync API and Sales Channel API. The system functions are strictly divided between the services.
  • Admin API
  • Configuration
  • Data synchronization
  • Sales Channel API
  • Transactions
  • Search Queries
  • Content
  • Sync API
  • Wholesale import / Bulk import

Agency for your successful appearance

WebiProg as your competent Shopware partner agency ensures a professional connection for your online store and enables the synchronization of complex product data with ERPs, CRMs or other REST API-based product information management platforms.

As an advertising agency, we currently support many B2B and B2C companies and would be happy to help you connect your store.

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