Successful appearance with Shopware 6

Successful appearance with Shopware 6

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Shopware 6 offers very many advantages. But the buyer doesn’t care with which CMS system your online store is built. He wants to quickly find a suitable product in the store, then places the order and pay for it immediately to pick up the order in a short time.

Unlike buyers, the CMS system is a very important factor for the online store owner. All store owners have high requirements for the CMS system. In this article we will discuss the advantages of creating an online store on the CMS Shopware 6, which is gaining momentum in German market due to its simplicity and high reliability.

1. E-commerce orientation

The store system is a perfect e-commerce solution for those who want to go online quickly and market products. The standard capabilities and possibilities cover almost all desires, because this CMS initially contains an extensive list of functions that programmers do not need to “tweak” – everything is ready. This means that the costs here are minimal. The product management tool can be automated via the API interface. Standard available functions include the following options: filtering, tiering, recently viewed and viewed products, delivery modules, shopping cart, payment methods, ratings and recommendations.

Even if you want to expand Shopware 6 and add additional features, the current CMS system fits best for these goals.

2. Search optimization

The store system already provides a lot of built-in requirements that allow indexing your online store to search engines quite quickly. Automated settings independently create an XML sitemap, which is required for search robots. All this, of course, has a positive effect on site traffic and sales.

3. Marketing tools

The store has a large number of marketing tools such as discounts, coupons, bestsellers, new products, and various promotional opportunities – all of which help to increase the average amount and keep people coming back to the store for repeat sales.

4. Virus protection and security

It should be mentioned that the CMS system is stable and the pages are built quickly. Especially noteworthy is the perfect protection against hacker attacks and high security of the system. As the system is constantly gaining importance outside the D-A-CH area, the developer community is growing worldwide, regularly working on security and functionality improvements.

5. Easy usability and administration

The admin area guarantees you a simple and intuitive management over the contents of your online store.

6. Professional support

The Shopware community has developed quite a lot in the last couple of years. The best store specialists around the world are working to improve the capabilities of the CMS system.

7. Turnkey design templates

There are thousands of different themes and modules in the community that you can use to create an online store with minimal cost. Some applications are completely free, others are available for a fee.

8. Shopware – the choice of the best.

The current e-commerce platform has already been selected by world-famous online retailers such as Aston Martin, ADAC, Philips, Canton, Paulaner Munich, Mars, etc.

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