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WebiProg is Germany’s leading Shopware agency for plugin programming, SEO, product configurators and for creating custom solutions. We consult, design, develop and maintain scalable online stores for our clients, often in multiple countries and languages. We help companies grow steadily in a digital world and work every day for the success of our customers.

As Shopware experts, we develop and program innovative plugins for large corporations and retailers. In plugin development and programming, our technicians and specialists place a special emphasis on compliance with object-oriented standards.
The development phase includes conceptual design, programming and testing.

Shopware Plugin Entwicklung
Shopware Enterprise
  • Test-driven development and programming
  • Professional deployment processes
  • Clean and clear documentation
  • Scalable and bug-free setups
  • Updateable plugins with the clean code
  • Proven implementation

We, as a Shopware plugin agency with many years of experience, have many satisfied customers for whom we have programmed plugins and extensions that are result-oriented. We understand that different companies have different requirements. Therefore, the creation of plugins will take place in accordance with the goals of your business.

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We take great care in programming Shopware extensions and plugins, and during testing we make sure that all extensions run smoothly and seamlessly in your store system.

1. leave your request:

Send us your inquiry where you describe your requirements and your wishes as detailed as possible.

2. receive the contact from our sales manager:

Our sales manager will promptly respond to your inquiry and let you know what info he still needs to estimate the order.

3. get our estimate based on your requirement:

As soon as the sales manager completes the evaluation, you will receive our non-binding proposal based on your requirements. The evaluation can take anywhere from a few hours to 2-3 days, depending on the tasks at hand.

4. release the order after that:

In order for us to start the job, we need your written order release. Immediately after your approval, we will assemble a team for your project and add the concept and detailed task description to our task tracking system.

5. test extensions in test environment:

Our Shopware professionals will create a copy of your store system on our demo server and provide you with the updates in the real test environment. At this step you can ask us your questions and we will show you how the new Shopware tool works.

6. we provide 3 months warranty:

Upon completion, we provide a 3-month warranty for our Shopware services and work. That is, if you find any errors within this time period, we will fix them immediately free of charge. Among other things, we provide continuous support for you.

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Questions and answers about Shopware plugins

Find short answers to frequently asked questions about Shopware plugins 💡 Find short answers to frequently asked questions about Shopware plugins

  • 1. What is a Shopware Plugin?

    A Shopware plugin is an extension for the store system that includes a certain range of functions and can extend both the standard frontend and the backend of the online store.

  • 2. What can a Shopware plugin do?

    A Shopware plugin fulfills several tasks at the same time:
    1. shopware extensions make it possible to individualize a store system by adding or supplementing additional functions.
    2. plugins do not affect the updateability of Shopware. This means that the core of the online store remains untouched. This guarantees a smooth update and helps to keep the store always up to date.

  • 3. How do I install a Shopware plugin in my store?

    All plugins are installed in the admin area of the online store via the Plugin Manager.

    You log in to your admin area, select your desired plugin in the Plugin Manager, log in to your profile again for security reasons, download the extension and install it.

    That’s it!

  • 4. what are must-have shopware plugins?

    Our top must-have extensions for Shopware are:
    – Article Designer Tool
    – SEO and Load Time Optimization
    – PopUp Cookies hint
    – Mixed Shopping Cart
    – One Page Checkout / Easy Checkout
    – BMEcat Import Tool
    – PIM Export and Import Tool

  • 5. how to update shopware plugins?

    When there is a new version of your plugin, you will receive a notification in the admin area of your store system. Find your extension in the Plugin Manager and click Update. The plugin update will then be updated automatically.

  • 6. Can I create Shopware plugins by myself?

    Shopware requires special programming knowledge and experience to create a plugin by yourself. Minimum requirements are Symphony and VueJS knowledge.

    Without suitable knowledge and experience, we recommend you to hire a Shopware expert or an appropriate agency.

  • 7. how much does it cost to program a shopware plugin?

    The costs vary greatly from person to person and depend on the scope of the programming. For this reason, it is highly recommended to prepare a briefing or a detailed specification sheet and estimate the effort with an expert or a Shopware agency. This way you always have your costs well under control.

  • 8. which shopware agency is the best for plugin programming?

    The right agency must meet certain requirements in order to create compatible extensions:
    – Compliance with established Shopware standards in programming
    – meaningful references
    – many years of experience

  • 9. can WebiProg program individual plugins?

    ABSOLUTELY. We meet all the requirements and are fully capable of programming custom plugins for your Shopware store.

    Contact us and get professional advice from our experienced experts.


    Our Shopware experts will analyze your request and give you detailed feedback immediately. Get in touch with us now.

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