Shopware development, what is it?

Shopware development, what is it?

Shopware Development

Shopware development is our daily bread, you could describe it that way. This description does not really help you at first glance, so we want to be a little clearer at this point.

As a Shopware agency, we work every day to bring you a little closer to your e-commerce goals. There are many steps that we go through together with you until the final implementation.

  • We listen to you very carefully
  • We ask a lot of questions
  • We listen again
  • We create a concept
  • You read the concept
  • You give the approval for the order development
  • We do shopware development
  • We make web design and program functions
  • We show you results on the demo server
  • You check the demo
  • You are satisfied
  • You come to us with further projects

It’s really very simplified, but we wanted to show that after discussing and planning your project, we are very much involved with Shopware development.

So what is Shopware development?

Shopware is an open source platform that provides the code to its partners completely open. And on the basis of this code we develop a custom solution for your shop. We extend the code so that it exactly meets your functionality requirements. We program both the frontend, to provide your customers with the clearest and most structured shopping experience possible, and the backend. This is where your own control center for managing the entire shop is located.

But it is only one of many layers in Shopware development. We also use the code to develop our special plugins that, for example, allow your shop to communicate flawlessly with your manufacturers and suppliers. So you can receive the catalog data via the interface plugin and import it directly into your shop, with just one click of a button.
We make sure your online shop looks great by taking a Shopware 6 theme and customizing it according to your needs and specifications as part of Shopware development.
And if you have a shop running on an older version of Shopware, it’s absolutely no problem for us to move your shop to the latest version, because we know Shopware development, and we know it pretty well. Your shop will be like new and your customers will be grateful.

And after the programming is done and the base is in place, web design, SEO and speed optimization and some more of our competences are added to finish the visible setup for your online shop for the customer.

Do you understand now why Shopware development is our daily bread? It is the essence of our work: our ability to create something completely new from something that already exists. We make e-commerce for people who live their dreams.

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