Do I need a landing page?

Do I need a landing page?

Shopware Landingpage

A Shopware landing page is a very special way for you to focus your customers’ attention on something important. Be it a special offline event, a new product in the shop, a special offer for a certain customer group – all these challenges can be solved with a Shopware landing page safely and with a minimal effort. A landing page is an outstanding marketing tool that has a simple task: to point your customers to something special.

The landing page has its own URL and is therefore an extremely efficient tool to do highly differentiated marketing. Set up a shop-within-a-shop for your premium customers, collect consent to use customer data for marketing purposes or do a fundraiser – there are no limits to what you can do with a landing page. And we at Webiprog are happy to support you in realizing your project in the most optimal way for your customers and you.

We ourselves are big fans of Shopware and therefore we naturally offer only the latest from our software forge: a Shopware 6 landing page. It integrates smoothly into your shop and will serve exactly its purpose: to provide new opportunities for interaction with your customers. As experienced web designers, we will work with you to develop an optimal design, tailored exactly to your needs, while keeping in mind the special requirements for the structure of a landing page. It goes without saying that your landing page will not suffer any loss in loading speed, even under heavy loads. And it will also be easy to find, if you so desire.

Because when we create a Shopware landing page, we want you to share your vision with us. To bring your very personal goal close to us. We want to know the big picture. So that this landing page can fit perfectly into your plan. We’ll have questions, sure. And the more questions we ask, the closer we get to your goal.
We believe in helping people realize their e-commerce dreams. And we find confirmation of this in every customer who comes to us.

Can you create only one Shopware landing page?

Of course not! Webiprog stands for a holistic philosophy and therefore a complete service is always available for our customers. As Shopware Solution Partner we offer complex shop solutions for B2B and B2C with individually programmed interfaces and plugins.
Our further competences are:

  • SEO Optimization
  • Pagespeed optimization
  • Web design from A-Z
  • Native Apps for Android and iOS

Because your shop should look good and be fast, so you can make your customers happy with a sustainable shopping experience.
Let’s get started, we look forward to hearing your ideas!

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