Create successful Shopware online shop

Create successful Shopware online shop

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To become successful today, companies need a successful shop. The success of the online shop, however, is based on the following prerequisites:

  • Acquiring new customers and optimizing existing customers
  • Improvement of the company image, increase in awareness
  • Extensive and flexible range of functions
  • flashy offers
  • Customer orientation and good customer support

Thereby, if you want to create a successful shop, it must be developed with a special feeling and professional eye. The professional experts of our Shopware agency will program your unique online shop with the individual use.

Programming a turnkey website means that all services are performed by one agency from a single source: from Shopware web design to theme creation and plugin programming. The fact that all stages of development are carried out through a web agency is very good, because communication takes place with one contact person and all important questions can be clarified immediately.

Shopware costs

There are different types of websites. Depending on the website type, the development time and cost are different.

Online shop. This is an e-commerce solution that allows you to sell products online. Compared to a normal shop, the online shop has many advantages:

  • with the search function visitors can find desired goods quickly and easily
  • you as an entrepreneur can save on the rent of the premises
  • your online shop is available around the clock

Corporate website. This type of website represents a complex solution and also covers the requirements for personnel management.

Landing Page. Landing page is a one-page website that aims to draw users’ attention to a specific action or offer.
Business card. This type of web presence is suitable for those who want to inform about their company’s services and performance more efficiently or present their own brand better.

Development phases for Shopware template creation

We go through the following phases when you hire us to create a new theme:

  • Research: detailed market and competition analysis
  • Conceptual design: compilation of specifications
  • Design: development of a unique Shopware theme, taking into account the specifics of the goods or services offered.
  • Programming: website development according to the specifications and web design
  • Security and testing: website testing for security vulnerabilities and elimination of vulnerabilities
  • Publication
    If you have any questions, our Shopware experts will be happy to help you. Contact us now and get professional advice!

What is Shopware multishop?

Let’s first clarify what a multishop is and in which cases it is needed.
Let’s imagine that you run an online shop on Shopware 6 with a certain assortment of goods. But one day you make decision that you want to significantly expand your assortment of goods. Nevertheless, you realize that your current shop already offers a wide range of categories and thus of products, and the adoption of the thematically new categories and products makes it much more difficult for the user to navigate through your website.

Then you come to an idea of creating thematic subdomains (so, for example, electronic.webiprog.com or books.webiprog.com). This option has advantages and allows you to display the shop frontends individually. Thus you will achieve your goal.

The Shopware multishop is also needed to collect the additional traffic from domains whose name is similar to your brand. That means domains in different domain zones (like .de, .ch, .at etc.) or domains with a similar name as your shop (example webi-prog.de against webiprog.de) will be redeemed and for all domains the redirection to the main domain will be set up.

Many leading global brands use a multishop to display goods with different price policies in different regions (example: berlin.webiprog.de or muenchen.webiprog.de). You can also create the Shopware multishop for a multilingual shop (example: en.webiprog.de or fr.webiprog.de).

How do I create Shopware 6 multishop for my shop?

Since you are not a Shopware 6 expert and hardly familiar with the system, you would most likely create a copy of your current online shop under different domain or subdomain. But with time, you would realize that it would be very difficult and time-consuming to manage across all subdomains. Also, you would find that you would have to update all the templates and plugins for all the subdomains separately. All this is cumbersome and takes a lot of time.

You will lose more time as well as costs if such a solution is offered and produced by an agency you already work with. Our recommendation would be to simply part with such an agency, as you will indeed incur very high financial costs.

The right solution would be to create a proper multishop based on sales channels in Shopware 6. Through sales channels you can create any number of online stores with their own domain or subdomain and manage all these stores from a single central.

If you need professional advice from our Shopware 6 agency, we are at your disposal. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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