Shopware Partner – Webiprog

Shopware Partner – Webiprog

Shopware partner

Shopware is the leading software provider for all applications around e-commerce. It is an open commerce platform that provides the basis for all solutions we develop for our customers as a Shopware partner. This basis and our know-how as Shopware experts offer our customers unlimited flexibility in the implementation of their projects.
We know exactly how your ideas, wishes and needs can be transferred into an online store that not only inspires you but also your customers. As a long-standing Shopware partner, Webiprog has developed outstanding expertise in making complex e-commerce projects simple and transparent for our customers. And the excellent results speak for themselves, as we have already designed over 400 stores for our customers.

We design, project and implement online stores that will maximize your sales thanks to simple and effective control. In addition to our core competence as a Shopware partner, we offer our customers everything they need to turn their vision of a successful business into reality.

Our competences are:

  • SEO Optimization
  • Shopware 5/6 solutions
  • Interfaces & Plugin Development
  • Pagespeed Optimization
  • Web design from A-Z
  • Native Apps for Android and iOS

Because the design of an online store involves much more than the technical realization, which we as a Shopware partner naturally excel at. We make sure that your store will be found thanks to SEO optimization. We develop the plugins for you that will bring your store to a new level of efficiency. The store will run quickly and reliably, because we master pagespeed optimization like no other. And your store will have a high recognition value, because our web designers are true artists when it comes to visual design.

Let’s get started, we look forward to your ideas!

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