What does modern marketing have to do with personalization?

What does modern marketing have to do with personalization?

Shopware Personalisierte Produkte

There may be many answers to this question, but we at WebiProg are sure that the answer is: pretty much everything!

It’s not just referring to customers by name when you send out a promotional e-mail. Or ensuring that a particular customer is shown only an offer on the website that is tailored to him.
Modern marketing is more and more about giving the customer an opportunity for personalization, where they can decide for themselves what the finished product might look like. And this is exactly the function that Shopware personalized products offer.

With the help of an extension that can be easily integrated into any existing online store, you can easily offer your customers limitless possibilities for personalizing their favorite products. This extension offers only a few basic functions in its basic configuration, but we can extend them wonderfully at any time according to your wishes and ideas.

The only limits there are in expanding the functions are the limits of your imagination. So don’t set yourself any limits and dream about the impossible.
Shopware personalized products and our developers do the rest.

When you hear about personalization, gifts are the first thing that comes to mind, right?

Yes, of course, it is obvious, at that time the creation of articles with individual characteristics also began in marketing or advertising. But at the same time, not all the possibilities of a personalized approach were used. You were always remembered for giving original promotional gifts to your customers, but the customers themselves got relatively little out of it. They could only use the gift in its direct function.

Because Shopware offers personalized products as a benefit to your customers, you can follow the example of many successful manufacturers and suppliers and offer your customers personalization options for almost all of your products.

Adidas offers its customers the option to personalize their sneakers by having their name or another short text applied to the shoe. High-quality electronic items are often offered with the option of laser engraving. And we’re not even talking about the soccer jerseys with the name of the fans, which are offered by practically every club.
And these are just a few examples of successful personalization.

As a Shopware agency, we believe that by now almost everything can be personalized, you just need to find the right approach, the right marketing strategy and the right software solution.
We are happy to take on the last point, Shopware personalized products are one of our core competencies and it is really fun to let off steam creatively during development.

We look forward to your ideas and our joint implementation!

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I have already launched two applications with Webiprog and they are great. A very pleasant collaboration.

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