The modern website today is almost impossible to imagine without plugins and widgets. Caching, which significantly speeds up the website, SEO optimization, without which it would be impossible to find your online store among thousands of others, various galleries and other “tricks” that your visitors like so much – all this is only a small part of the tasks solved by plugins and widgets.

What are plugins and widgets?

The Plugin appears as an independent software component that dynamically comes into effect during the store loading and extends the functions of the online store.

A Widget is a software module that outputs the required information into a Shopware template and is usually developed as an add-on to a plugin.

How plugins and widgets work

To show the difference between the plugin and the widget, let’s take as a simple example an advertising campaign that you want to run on your website. For a successful campaign, you need to have an efficient Shopware plugin created that would display the geo-dependent banners as well as count the number of views and clicks. But if we describe technically what plugin does and what role the widget plays, then we get the following picture:

Plugin functions and tasks

  • Creation of a database where all required information is stored (links to the banner image, regions where the banner must be displayed, number of views and clicks).
  • Ability to delete, view, edit, add required information, etc.
  • Widget functions and tasks
  • Possibility to define the position of the banner in the Shopware theme
  • Determination of user location, generation of geo-dependent HTML code
  • The Output of HTML and CSS code in the template
  • Transfer of information about the banner ad number and clicks to the database

Specific Shopware Plugin Development

If you encounter a problem and can’t find a proper plugin, then it would make sense to hire the professional Shopware agency with plugin as well as widget creation. Real professionals and experts will come as close as possible to your needs and program the desired plugin for you in connection with your ideas.
WebiProg will provide you with a free consultation and discuss all the details.

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