Shopware Plugins from WebiProg GmbH

Shopware Plugins from WebiProg GmbH

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Shopware is Europe’s leading e-commerce platform with a wide range of integrated capabilities. Nevertheless, every customer is individual and therefore so are their wishes. The fulfillment of these specific wishes and requirements is the core competence of WebiProg GmbH. The open source code of Shopware offers a solution for this.
The professional team of Shopware agency WebiProg GmbH, located in Nuremberg, offers you the possibility to develop a plugin or a set of plugins that will meet your online commerce requirements.

A clean code is a principle of our work. As a result, the core always remains adaptable and can be easily updated without the customer having to worry about what “bug” will paralyze the shop at the most inopportune moment.

Shopware with add-ons from WebiProg GmbH always updates itself to the latest version without any problems. Of course, it may happen that plugins need to be adapted to the latest version after an update. That is why we offer continuous support for our software products, so that the customer’s shop always runs smoothly and without failures.

Writing Shopware plugins is not an “assembly line production” for us. The specifics of shops and customer requests are a welcome challenge for our programmers. We like this kind of tasks, because it always spurs us on, motivates us to develop further and always makes the workflow more creative.
Among the plugins that are particularly worth mentioning are:

  • FAQ page creation with many options in the admin console
  • Customized contest forms
  • Plugin for cinema search with selection of location, time, repertoire, etc.
  • Plugin for structuring information about employees
  • Plugin to create a product warranty that is purchased together with the product, but has a separate price that can be set by the administrator and selected as a separate add-on.

This is just a small selection of interesting options that our team is capable of programming. Shopware has a wide range of features, but even these can not cover all the nuances and specifics of customer needs.

That is why the experienced team at the Shopware agency WebiProg GmbH is always available to develop a personalized software add-on for a shop or a shopping portal – regardless of the industry and size.

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