Advantages of Shopware Product Configurator

Advantages of Shopware Product Configurator

Shopware Produkt Konfigurator

More advantages with the Shopware Product Configurator

Using the Shopware Product Configurator brings a number of benefits. The same benefits apply to both B2B and B2C companies and range from improving sales processes to increasing customer satisfaction.

The Product configurator ensures manufacturers get the right order

Using the product configurator, you can easily make sure that each customer receives exactly what he ordered. Customers can now assemble their products and after they are done, the entire order is saved and sent directly to your manufacturing team. Customers can be sure that there will be no problems with their order. Finally, your manufacturing team will not be given the wrong order, so they will have fewer worries.

Shopware Product Configurators reduce turnaround times

Each product created by your customers will eventually be unique or become a specific version of the product. Since you have implemented product personalization, your sales process runs much more smoothly. Customers assemble the product themselves, and your sales reps have information about those specific product editions right away, and can instantly see what order the customer filled. Instead of entering order details, your sales reps will be taking care of actual sales. The time required to create a quote is greatly reduced and the information is sent immediately to the manufacturing team.

Shopware Product Designer plugin increases customer satisfaction

When using the product designer, customers ensure that they create the product that they consider ideal for themselves. The only constraints they have are those defined by the configuration rules – and these exist for the sole purpose of ensuring that the product is also fully functional and can be manufactured without issue. For example, you wouldn’t put a brass knocker on a glass door. It simply wouldn’t make sense.

But to put ourselves in the customer’s shoes, how many times have we ordered something and received the wrong order? Maybe it was the wrong product color or the wrong size. Most likely it happened at least once. Or maybe some of your friends or colleagues had the same problem and it had a significant impact on customer satisfaction.

If you use a Shopware Product Configurator in your online store, you can be sure that such situations will not occur.

Product personalization tool for Shopware gives you the opportunity to communicate with your customers

Finally, configurators ensure that you can connect with your customers. Many people love shopping online, but product customization makes it even better. It’s like putting together your own unique LEGO house and sometimes even sharing pictures of it with your friends because you’re proud of how the LEGO house turned out. That’s the effect you want to achieve.

The more options a customer has available, the deeper they can connect with the product.

With each additional feature they can customize, they add a piece of their own touch. If you’ve been wondering how to make an emotional connection with your customers, this is the way.

Advantages of Shopware Product Configurator at a glance:

1) The configurator ensures that store owners get the right order.
2) Shopware product designer shortens lead time

3) Product personalization increases customer satisfaction
4) The item configurator provides the opportunity to connect with customers

There are more benefits that come with implementing a product configurator, but read the post “Types of Shopware Product Configurators” to see what kind of product customizations you can actually implement in your business.

If you need advice already now, we are at your disposal as a professional Shopware agency.

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