Guide to Successful SEO for Shopware in 2022

Guide to Successful SEO for Shopware in 2022

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Do I need SEO for my Shopware?

Every online store owner needs to understand the direct dependency of business growth on website search engine discovery in order to efficiently use SEO for their Shopware. You can solve this dependency in the following ways: contextual advertising and/or organic search. Paid ads are good if you want to get quick traffic to your website. But from a long-term perspective, contextual costs can significantly reduce or even “eat” your profit. In this post you will learn more about SEO strategies to successful advertising procedures of your online store and get answers to questions about effective website search engine optimization.

How the right SEO influences Shopware traffic

SEO refers to a set of improvement measures aimed at optimizing your website and all elements on it in such a way that search engines show your online store to potential customers on the first pages of organic search results for certain search queries. The efficient Shopware search engine optimization ensures stable organic traffic to your website and reduces your Google Ads costs.
The right keywords will lead to success, but the wrong keywords can bring unwanted audiences to your online store.

How to work with a list of keywords for semantic search.

First of all, you need to create a clear structure for your website (categories, subcategories, products, blog pages and other info pages). The next step is to define keywords and Shopware SEO URLs for each page.

Advertising key for products

There are more or less priority pages of your online store that are relevant for semantic search. As an example, search engines prioritize search queries for products. However, don’t forget to consider the content of the main page, category pages and blog pages in the semantic structure. Use low-frequency keywords for non-relevant pages and medium- and high-frequency keywords for more prioritized pages.

Types of search queries

There are several types of search queries:

Information-oriented search query (also information search queries or informative search). Example: the user searches for information using words: how, what, where, and when.

Navigational search query (also navigational search queries or navigational search). Example: the user is looking for a specific website or application: such as YouTube.

Transaction-oriented search query (also transactional search query or transactional search): Example: there is an intention to buy and this is clearly seen in the query: “buy a car”.
For product pages, the focus should be on selecting transaction keys first, as you need to bring visitors to the page who want to buy the product.

What are the best keywords for your website?

To give a good answer to this question, we recommend you analyze the user’s intentions. You need to understand what exactly the user wants by typing a certain keyword in the search bar. This way, you will understand what stage of the purchase funnel the user is in. For example, if the user searches “men’s clothing”, he is then at the very top of the purchase funnel because this search query does not ensure purchase intent. In this search query, the user is most likely in the research phase.

Another example is when someone searches for “Nike sneakers size 43 with delivery”. This search query is a transactional search query, which clearly indicates a willingness to buy.
Product descriptions are very important for successful Shopware SEO optimization. On the one hand, these must be understandable, but at the same time answer the question of how the product solves the buyer’s problem, and what special features, advantages and disadvantages it has. Think about what you would like to see in the product description if you were to buy the product yourself as a customer.

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