10 Years of TYPO3 Expertise

With a proud 10-year experience in TYPO3, we are a reliable partner for all your web development needs.


Digital TYPO3 Excellence

As a leading TYPO3 team with comprehensive expertise, we are your trusted partners for digital excellence.


Creative TYPO3 Development

With our highly skilled team, you'll experience TYPO3 web development at a new creative and innovative level.


Customer-Centric Customization

Experience tailored TYPO3 web development that caters to your customer needs.

Your Vision, Our Expertise – Welcome to Your TYPO3 Agency.

Highly Qualified TYPO3 Agency
for Migration, Development, Relaunch and Support

We are your trusted agency for developing tailored online presences based on TYPO3. With years of experience, we stand by your side as a reliable partner. Our clients trust in our expertise and benefit from our profound knowledge.

Your Benefits:


Discover the ultimate solution for your digital presence with our Typo3 agency. We not only offer tailored web development services but also prioritize strategic integration of SEO-relevant keywords to maximize your visibility in search engines. With our expertise, we merge creative design with targeted SEO strategy!


Customer Opinion
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Dirk Estenfeld


Thank you very much for the excellent support. We are very satisfied with the work. The results are excellent. We are glad to have you as a partner.

A. Prenzlow


Good and uncomplicated collaboration.

Christian Breitung


I've known the provider for years and can highly recommend them. Competent, work is always done quickly, and cost-effective.

Patrick Euerle


Fast and competent implementation, friendly contact, all in all, top-notch!

Kunde aus Deutschland


Happy to work with you again!


Are you seeking a scalable, sustainable, and reliable web development solution? Then trust in TYPO3 CMS developments by WebiProg. Our TYPO3 full-service is available to you worldwide.

Customized TYPO3 Development:
Our Customized Services

For a decade, we've passionately dedicated ourselves to the world of TYPO3, guiding numerous companies on their journey to outstanding digital presences. Our approach extends far beyond simple TYPO3 website development. We focus on crafting customized digital solutions that spotlight your business and help it shine in the digital arena.

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Explore the world of TYPO3 development with us. Our customized solutions provide you with user-friendly interfaces, highest security standards, and responsive performance. From web development to extension integration and template customization - we offer a comprehensive range of services to bring your TYPO3 website to the highest level.

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Discover the variety of TYPO3 extensions with our tailored solutions. Our experts develop custom extensions for TYPO3 that expand the functionality of your website and seamlessly integrate with other systems. Trust in our experience and let us together find the right solution for your requirements. Optimize your TYPO3 website with our top-notch extensions and interfaces.

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Stay up to date with our update and upgrade services. We provide timely updates for your TYPO3 website to ensure you have the most powerful features and highest security. Take advantage of our TYPO upgrades and migration services to take your website to the next level. Rely on our expertise to continuously optimize your TYPO3 website and achieve the best possible performance.

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Ensure the optimal performance of your TYPO3 website with our comprehensive maintenance and support service. Our experts provide continuous performance monitoring, maintenance, and support for your TYPO3 website. We take care of regular updates and TYPO3 upgrades to keep your website up to date and performing optimally. Rely on our experience to consistently maintain your TYPO3 website and maximize its efficiency.

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Hire one or more of our highly qualified TYPO3 developers exclusively for your project. We offer flexible deployment options, whether full-time or according to your preferred time zone. With our dedicated team, you'll receive customized solutions tailored to your requirements. Count on our expertise to successfully implement your TYPO3 project and achieve your goals.

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Discover the power of SEO with our TYPO3 advertising agency specializing in digital marketing. Our experts offer a wide range of SEO services to strengthen your brand identity and optimize your online presence. From keyword research to on-page optimization and link building, we rely on proven strategies. Trust in our experience to position your business successfully online and gain more visibility.

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    Our TYPO3 Excellence from A to Z

    Development, Design, Integration, Customization, Optimization, Support, Upgrades, Training, SEO, and Migration
    Everything under one roof!

    TYPO3 Migration: Moving websites from other content management systems to TYPO3

    TYPO3 Design: Crafting user interfaces and experiences for TYPO3 websites

    TYPO3 Web Development: Crafting TYPO3 websites

    TYPO3 Integration: Integrating third-party applications, plugins, or systems into TYPO3

    TYPO3 Optimization: Enhancing the performance, speed, and security of TYPO3 websites

    TYPO3 Training and Workshops: Providing training sessions for users and administrators of TYPO3 websites

    TYPO3 Customizations: Tailoring and expanding TYPO3 functionalities and modules

    TYPO3 Maintenance and Support: Offering continuous maintenance, troubleshooting, and technical support for TYPO3 websites

    Customized TYPO3 Solutions

    Discover the Power of TYPO3 with WebiProg:
    Your Partner for Digital Growth!

    Welcome to WebiProg GmbH – your leading TYPO3 agency for customized web solutions! As TYPO3 experts, we offer a comprehensive range of services, from development and design to integration and optimization. With our extensive experience and commitment to excellence, we help businesses strengthen their online presence and thrive in the digital space.

    Our team of certified TYPO3 developers is here to meet your individual requirements and take your website to the next level. Whether it’s customizing existing TYPO3 websites or migrating from other CMS platforms, we are your trusted partner for all TYPO3 projects.

    We not only provide top-notch technical solutions but also comprehensive support in maintenance, support and training. Our tailored TYPO3 SEO services ensure that your website is well-positioned in search results and reaches your target audience.

    Contact us today to learn more about our TYPO3 services and unlock your digital potential together. With WebiProg GmbH, all doors to a successful online presence are open to you! Let’s optimize your TYPO3 website for the future and drive your success in the digital space together.

    From concept to reality: Our services bring your TYPO3 vision to life:

    • TYPO3 Web Development
    • TYPO3 Design
    • TYPO3 Integration
    • TYPO3 Customizations
    • TYPO3 Optimization
    • TYPO3 Maintenance and Support
    • TYPO3 Updates and Upgrades
    • TYPO3 Training and Workshops
    • TYPO3 SEO Services
    • TYPO3 Migration

    SEO Meets TYPO3

    The SEO-empowered TYPO3 Team by WebiProg:
    Your Path to Digital Success

    SEO Typo3 Agentur

    Dive into the world of TYPO3 with the experienced team at WebiProg! Our dedicated TYPO3 experts specialize in strengthening your online presence with tailor-made solutions to achieve your goals.

    With a deep understanding of the latest SEO trends and best practices, we not only develop appealing TYPO3 websites but also continuously optimize them for maximum visibility in search engines. From user-friendly web development to modern design, every decision made by our team is aimed at optimizing your TYPO3 website for search engines and reaching your target audience.

    Furthermore, we offer comprehensive maintenance and support services to ensure that your TYPO3 website runs smoothly at all times and continuously improves your online presence. With regular updates and upgrades, you’ll always stay ahead of the curve, while our customized training sessions ensure that your team gets the most out of your TYPO3 website.

    Trust the WebiProg TYPO3 team to optimize your online presence and boost your digital success. Contact us today to learn more about our SEO-focused TYPO3 services and to lead your TYPO3 projects to success together.

    Optimization that pays off: SEO for your digital success:

    • SEO-friendly URLs: Using descriptive and relevant URLs for pages and content.
    • Optimizing meta tags: Setting up meaningful meta tags such as title and description tags for each page.
    • Creating a sitemap: Creating and regularly updating an XML sitemap to assist search engines in crawling the site.
    • Mobile optimization: Ensuring the website works well and is user-friendly on mobile devices.
    • Speed optimization: Improving website speed through caching, file compression, and image optimization.
    • Content optimization: Creating high-quality, relevant, and unique content focused on relevant keywords.
    • Internal linking: Establishing a clear and logical internal linking structure to improve navigation and increase search engine crawling efficiency.
    • Robots.txt and canonical tags: Implementing robots.txt files and canonical tags to guide search engines in crawling and indexing the site.
    • Image optimization: Using descriptive file names and alt tags for images to optimize image search.
    • Technical SEO optimization: Cleaning up duplicate content, fixing redirect errors, optimizing site structure, and avoiding thin content pages.
    • SSL certificate: Setting up an SSL certificate to improve website security and enhance user trust.
    • Google Analytics and Search Console: Integrating Google Analytics and Google Search Console to analyze visitor behavior and monitor website performance.
    • Social media integration: Incorporating social media buttons and sharing features to increase reach and generate backlinks.
    • Rich snippets: Implementing structured data and rich snippets to provide search engines with more information about the website’s content and improve click-through rates.

    Stronger Together

    Expert Consultation for TYPO3 Web Development:
    Your Roadmap to Success

    Discover the ultimate consultation for your TYPO3 web development with WebiProg! Our experienced team of TYPO3 experts is here to take your website to the next level. With our SEO-focused consultation, you’ll not only receive top-notch technical solutions but also valuable insights and strategies to optimize your online presence and shine in search engines.

    From planning to execution, we offer tailored consultation services customized to your individual needs. Our experts thoroughly analyze your website, identify weaknesses and opportunities, and develop a customized plan to optimize your TYPO3 website for search engines.

    With our consultation, you’ll receive not only technical advice but also practical tips for content optimization, internal linking, site structure, and much more. We’ll show you how to make your website a strong player in the digital space and effectively reach your target audience.

    Rely on WebiProg’s consultation to elevate your TYPO3 web development and maximize your digital success. Contact us today to learn more about our consultation services and together lead your TYPO3 projects to success!

    Together on the path to the top: Our consultation services make your TYPO3 website a winner:

    • SEO Consultation for TYPO3: Consultation on optimizing the TYPO3 website for search engines, including technical optimization, content strategy, and off-page SEO.
    • Technical Consultation: Consultation on technical aspects of TYPO3 web development, including server configuration, performance optimization, and security.
    • Content Consultation: Consultation on content strategy, creation of high-quality content, keyword optimization, and content promotion for TYPO3 websites.
    • UX/UI Consultation: Consultation on designing a user-friendly and appealing interface, as well as optimizing the user experience for TYPO3 websites.
    • Responsive Design Consultation: Consultation on developing a responsive TYPO3 website that works optimally on various devices and screen sizes.
    • Accessible Design Consultation: Consultation on designing an accessible TYPO3 website that is accessible to all users, including people with disabilities.
    • Conversion Optimization Consultation: Consultation on optimizing the conversion rates of TYPO3 websites through A/B testing, usability testing, and implementation of conversion optimization techniques.
    • Analytics Consultation: Consultation on implementing and analyzing website analytics tools like Google Analytics to understand user behavior and improve the performance of the TYPO3 website.
    • Security Consultation: Consultation on the security of TYPO3 websites, including identifying security vulnerabilities, implementing security measures, and training website operators on security awareness.
    • Scaling Consultation: Consultation on scaling TYPO3 websites to keep up with growing traffic and demands, ensuring efficient and reliable website performance.
    Typo3 Beratung

    Transparent prices, first-class quality: TYPO3 web development with WebiProg

    Discover cost-effective and transparent prices for top-notch TYPO3 web development with WebiProg! We understand that developing a TYPO3 website is an investment in the future of your business. That’s why we offer fair and competitive prices tailored to your individual requirements.

    Our goal is to provide you with outstanding value for your money without compromising on quality. With our SEO-focused TYPO3 web development, you’ll not only get a professional website but one that performs well in search engines, maximizing your online visibility.

    Our transparent pricing includes a detailed breakdown of all costs so you know exactly what you’re paying for. We offer flexible payment options and customized packages to ensure our services fit your budget and needs.

    Rely on WebiProg to keep your TYPO3 web development costs in check without sacrificing quality. Contact us today to learn more about our prices and costs for TYPO3 web development and lead your project to success!

    Our Works


    Our commitment to first-class service and quality is at the heart of our company.
    At WebiProg, we strive to create long-term and sustainable value for our customers and partners. Our goal is to be the preferred and most innovative partner for our clients by providing top-notch services and collaboration. Our commitment to outstanding performance is reflected in our team approach. We believe in the power of collaboration and work together for the success of our clients. With us, you’re not just a customer, but part of a team dedicated to achieving common goals.


    WebiProg GmbH – Your Leading Typo3 Agency for Tailored Web Development Solutions

    Are you seeking a professional Typo3 agency to maximize your online potential? Look no further than WebiProg! As an experienced Typo3 agency, we provide tailored solutions to optimize and manage your CMS website effectively.

    Our Typo3 agency is distinguished by comprehensive expertise and years of experience in CMS, particularly Typo3. We understand that every website is unique, emphasizing individualized concepts perfectly tailored to your needs.

    WebiProg GmbH, your Typo3 agency from Nuremberg, stands for the highest quality and reliability. Our dedicated team of experienced developers and designers work hand in hand to ensure that your Typo3-based instance not only functions flawlessly but also boasts an appealing and user-friendly design.

    Why should you choose our Typo3 agency? Here are some reasons:

    • Comprehensive Expertise: As a Typo3 agency, we bring extensive knowledge in Typo3 development and optimization.
    • Custom Solutions: Every CMS website is unique. Therefore, we develop tailored solutions precisely aligned with your requirements.
    • Typo3 Agency from Nuremberg: We take pride in offering our services as a Typo3 agency from Nuremberg, serving both locally and globally.
    • Reliability: Trust in the reliability of our Typo3 agency. Timely delivery and transparent communication are our priorities.
    • Innovative Approaches: Our Typo3 agency embraces innovative technologies and approaches to ensure that your Typo3 presence remains up-to-date.

    Make your Typo3 presence a success for your customers – with WebiProg GmbH, your competent Typo3 agency!

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