ArtiGesToo Shopware Configurator – Questions and Answers

ArtiGesToo Shopware Configurator – Questions and Answers


Do you want to provide your customers with an unparalleled shopping experience and stand out from the competition? Then we have just the solution for you: ArtiGesToo, developed by the renowned WebiProg GmbH Shopware agency based in Nuremberg.


But what is ArtiGesToo and why should you integrate it into your Shopware shop?

ArtiGesToo is a revolutionary product configurator and item designer that allows you to offer your customers custom-made products. Whether it’s t-shirts, bags, stationery, or other customizable items, with ArtiGesToo, the design process becomes a breeze.

Here’s how ArtiGesToo works:

  1. Easy Integration: Thanks to its seamless integration with your Shopware shop, you can effortlessly utilize ArtiGesToo and provide your customers with unique personalization options.
  2. User-Friendly Interface: ArtiGesToo’s intuitively designed product configurator enables your customers to design their desired items according to their preferences. From colors and fonts to images or logos, the possibilities are endless.
  3. Live Preview: With the live preview feature, your customers can view their designs in real-time and make immediate adjustments. This enhances customer satisfaction and minimizes potential design errors.
  4. Printing, Embroidery, Engraving: ArtiGesToo supports a variety of customizable embellishment techniques such as printing, embroidery, and engraving. Your customers can choose the desired method and bring their designs to life flawlessly.


Why ArtiGesToo is the best choice:

Increased Revenue: By offering personalization options, customers are encouraged to purchase unique products, boosting sales and customer loyalty.

Time and Cost Savings: ArtiGesToo automates the design and ordering process, saving you time and costs associated with manual adjustments and coordination.

Professional Design: With ArtiGesToo, you can provide your customers with high-quality and professional designs, enhancing your brand perception and making a lasting impression.

Excellent Support: As a product of WebiProg GmbH Shopware agency based in Nuremberg, you have a dedicated support team available to assist you with any questions or concerns.

Don’t miss out on the benefits that ArtiGesToo can bring to your Shopware shop. Integrate it today and revolutionize your customers’ shopping experience!

Contact us for more information and get started with ArtiGesToo – the ultimate solution for personalized products in your Shopware shop.


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Can ArtiGesToo combine multiple size selections and offer quantity discounts simultaneously?

Absolutely! With ArtiGesToo, you not only get a powerful product configurator and item designer but also the ability to offer your customers a flexible range of sizes and provide them with attractive quantity discounts.

ArtiGesToo allows your customers to select different sizes when purchasing a personalized item. Whether it’s t-shirts, hoodies, or other clothing items, your customers can easily enter their desired sizes into the configurator and receive a comprehensive quote for all selected sizes.

But that’s not all! With ArtiGesToo’s dynamic quantity discount feature, your customers can also benefit from attractive price reductions. As they enter the quantity per size, quantity discounts are automatically calculated and displayed. This means that the more items your customers purchase, the greater the discount.

This feature empowers your customers to order different sizes simultaneously while still enjoying financial benefits. Whether for sports clubs, companies, or events, with ArtiGesToo, you can create customized offers and provide your customers with unbeatable value for money.


Can ArtiGesToo display additional options like “packaging” with an extra charge?

Absolutely! ArtiGesToo goes beyond simple personalization and offers you the ability to provide your customers with a variety of additional options to further customize their order. One such option is displaying “packaging” with an extra charge.

With ArtiGesToo, defining additional options that are available to your customers is easy. For example, if there is a packaging option, your customers can select their preferred packaging during the ordering process. The corresponding extra charge for packaging is automatically calculated and displayed.

With this feature, you can offer your customers an even more comprehensive shopping experience and give them the ability to tailor their order to their individual needs. Whether it’s gift packaging, premium boxes, or special shipping options, ArtiGesToo allows you to seamlessly integrate these options into the configurator and present your customers with a personalized offer.

The flexibility of ArtiGesToo extends not only to design and size selections but also allows you to offer additional services or products with an appropriate surcharge. This enables you to increase your revenue and provide your customers with an expanded range of choices.


Is ArtiGesToo optimized for SEO?

Absolutely! ArtiGesToo places great emphasis on search engine optimization (SEO) and offers you the opportunity to optimize your Shopware shop for organic search visibility. As a product developed by the renowned SEO agency WebiProg, we understand the importance of being visible online and attracting potential customers.

With ArtiGesToo, you benefit from the following SEO advantages:

Optimized product pages: ArtiGesToo automatically generates optimized product pages for each customizable product. This includes SEO-relevant elements such as meta tags, URLs, page titles, and descriptions that are optimized for better search engine discoverability.

User-friendly URLs: ArtiGesToo creates search engine-friendly URLs for your personalized products. This allows search engines to index your pages more effectively and guide customers to your products more easily.

Image and text optimization: ArtiGesToo enables you to optimize the images and text of your personalized products. By using relevant keywords and optimizing alt tags and descriptions, you can increase the visibility of your products in search results.

Integration with Shopware SEO: ArtiGesToo seamlessly integrates with Shopware SEO optimization. This allows you to leverage the comprehensive SEO features of Shopware and position your personalized products for maximum impact.

With ArtiGesToo and the support of the experienced SEO agency WebiProg, you have the opportunity not only to equip your Shopware shop with innovative customizable products but also to strengthen your SEO strategy. By implementing effective search engine optimization, you increase the visibility of your products and reach a wider audience.


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Can ArtiGesToo generate print files as raster images?

Absolutely! When it comes to creating print-ready files for personalized products, the raster plays a crucial role. With ArtiGesToo, you can be confident that your print templates are properly prepared to achieve high-quality results.

ArtiGesToo allows you to create your designs in a precise raster format. The raster serves as a foundation for the placement of text, logos, and graphics. By using a raster, you ensure precise alignment and positioning of elements, resulting in a professional and appealing outcome.

A well-configured raster also offers you the ability to evenly distribute elements and ensure that your design appears symmetrical and balanced.

By working with a well-configured raster, you can ensure that your print templates meet the highest quality standards. This is particularly important when it comes to personalized products, where every detail matters to achieve a unique and premium result.

Trust ArtiGesToo to create your designs in a precise raster format and generate print-ready files. Take advantage of the extensive features and settings available to achieve the best possible outcome for your personalized products.


Experience ultimate success in your Shopware shop with the ArtiGesToo product configurator!

Are you looking for a solution to offer your customers personalized products while taking your Shopware shop to the next level? Then ArtiGesToo is the answer you’ve been looking for! As a leading Shopware agency, we at WebiProg are proud to introduce this innovative tool to you.

ArtiGesToo allows you to equip your Shopware shop with a powerful product configurator that enables your customers to design their own personalized items. Whether it’s t-shirts, hoodies, coffee mugs, or other items, with ArtiGesToo, your customers can unleash their creativity and create a unique product that perfectly suits them.

But that’s not all! As Shopware SEO experts, we have equipped ArtiGesToo with advanced SEO features to ensure that your personalized products are visible in search engine results. With the seamless integration of ArtiGesToo into your Shopware shop, you can optimize your SEO strategy and effectively showcase your products to reach your target audience.

As an official Shopware partner, we offer you not only outstanding technology but also first-class support and continuous development. Our experts are available to assist you in setting up and customizing ArtiGesToo in your Shopware shop, ensuring that you get the most out of this powerful solution.

Don’t wait any longer! Start with ArtiGesToo today and impress your customers with a unique shopping experience. Boost your sales, expand your product range, and improve your search engine presence with this groundbreaking product configurator solution.

Make your Shopware shop the ultimate hotspot for personalized products with the ArtiGesToo product configurator! Experience the power of ArtiGesToo and be amazed by the quality of your print templates in the raster format. Contact us today to learn more about ArtiGesToo and its extensive print preparation features.

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