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Years of experience as a web agency

With years of experience as a web agency, we have been 100% specialized in web development and communication since our foundation in 2008.


Experienced team in coding

We have a passion for what we do and bring fresh and efficient ideas to your business.


Creative thinking in web development

Our talented team significantly contributes to success through creative thinking.


Customer orientation in project implementation

Our experience is reflected in the customer-oriented implementation of projects.

Who Are We?

Shopware experts in Nuremberg
for migration, development, relaunch and support

As an experienced Shopware agency from Nuremberg, we are your reliable partner for unique online shops from Professional to Enterprise. Clients trust our expertise, benefit from our comprehensive know-how, and experience digital success stories through customizations and innovative solutions.

Our goal is:


Our ambition goes far beyond, as we aim to address each need individually and fulfill the wishes and requirements of our clients. This principle sets us apart as a web agency from Nuremberg and lays the foundation for your e-commerce website to achieve sustainable success, distinguishing us significantly from our competitors.


Customer opinions
About Us

Dirk Estenfeld


Thank you very much for the excellent support. We are very satisfied with the work. The results are very good. We are glad to have you as a partner.

A. Prenzlow


Good and uncomplicated collaboration.

Christian Breitung


I have known the provider for years and can highly recommend them. Competent, work is always done quickly, and cost-effective.

Patrick Euerle


Fast and competent implementation, friendly contact, all in all, top-notch!

Kunde aus Deutschland


Happy to do it again.


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    We also offer this

    from Professional to Enterprise level in Nuremberg

    Multiple shops, one platform: Shopware Multishop

    Tailored Shopware: Individual programming

    Customized extensions: Shopware plugins

    Shopware design: Expand shop functionality


    Individual shop customization: Perfect installation

    Shop evolution: Continuous development

    Custom extensions: Plugin development and integration

    Seamless integration: Shop connection to merchandise management

    We are an experienced Shopware agency in Nuremberg

    Shopware consulting

    Precise consultation forms the foundation for the success of our joint project. Successful operations in the online domain lead to increased revenue. Our competent consultation focuses on selecting the right technologies for your successful web presence. We discuss the necessary measures to effectively reach your target audience.

    Thorough consultation can enable significant cost savings. As experienced Shopware experts for Professional and Enterprise, we stand professionally by your side, whether it's the introduction or further development of your online shop.

    Our consulting services for Shopware and related solutions include, among others:

    • Development of an effective online strategy
    • Migration and upgrade of the shop system
    • Relaunch of your online shop
    • Optimization of loading times for better performance
    • Implementation of comprehensive security concepts
    • Integration of your shop with other systems
    • Search engine optimization (SEO) for better visibility on the web

    Our Shopware agency in Nuremberg
    guarantees quality


    During the realization of your project, we implement proven quality standards from Shopware software development, with a constant focus on the security of your system code.

    To ensure optimal reliability and stability of the system, we employ a strict quality control process. An integral part of this quality assurance is the international review of the online shop both during and after its complete creation.

    Quality is at the core of our solution development. Throughout the creation process, our software is continuously monitored and tested by our experienced team.

    We pay special attention to the following aspects:

    • Security tests
    • Tests for identifying errors and defects
    • Tests for evaluating user-friendliness

    Our prices

    Our business principle aims to establish a long-term and sustainable collaboration where your needs are always at the forefront. With our best-practice approach, we ensure your growth and success for the future. Our Shopware costs and services are extremely fair and aligned with long-term and efficient business relationships, rather than quick results.

    We offer consulting, strategy, web design concepts, and programming for Shopware 5 and 6 without intermediaries. Prices, planning, and quality are thus predictable factors for you.

    Contact us for a Shopware consultation, and let's work together on the successful realization of your e-commerce goals.

    Our Portfolio

    Websites, online shops, variant configurations, and much more

    We stand behind our quality and guarantee our performance and services.

    Our fundamental business philosophy is to create long-term, sustainable value for our customers and partners through our collaboration and services.

    Our goal is to be the most innovative partner and preferred service provider for our customers. We are committed to excellence and see ourselves not as solo artists but as a team working together for the success of our customers.


    Questions and Answers about Shopware

    Find quick answers to frequently asked questions about Shopware. 💡 Find quick answers to frequently asked questions about Shopware.

    • 1. What are the strengths of Shopware, and what reasons suggest that it is superior to other shopping systems?

      Shopware is flexible and suitable for businesses of all sizes, ranging from small enterprises and mid-sized companies to large corporations. It is versatile and supports various business models such as B2C and B2B direct sales, affiliate marketing, dropshipping, and marketplaces. With its modular structure, Shopware allows for easy and quick expansion of the e-commerce system, making it possible to adapt promptly to specific requirements.

      Feel free to contact us. Our Shopware experts in Nuremberg are available to advise you and answer all your questions.

      Get in touch with us. Our Shopware professionals will guide you and address all your inquiries.

    • 2. How do I proceed to create my own online shop with Shopware?

      If you are interested in creating your own shop with Shopware, we have compiled a checklist to assist you in the planning process. Here are some important questions you should answer:

      • Logo: Is your logo already available, or does it need to be created?
      • Web design: Do you want to create a new web design or purchase a pre-made Shopware theme?
      • Product types and tax rates: What types of products do you want to sell, and what tax rates apply?
      • Payment and shipping methods: What payment and shipping methods do you want to offer?
      • Currency and languages: Should your shop be multilingual, and do you want to support different currencies?
      • Functionality: This is particularly important depending on your business model. Do you want to operate B2C and B2B direct sales, affiliate marketing, dropshipping, or a marketplace? The functionality varies significantly depending on the business model.
      • Product import/export: How do you plan to manage products in Shopware? Manually or do you need an API connection to PIM, ERP, or other inventory management systems?

      If you desire professional guidance, our Shopware agency in Nuremberg is available. Contact us for a free consultation.

    • 3. What costs can I expect for the programming of a Shopware shop?

      The costs for programming a Shopware shop vary depending on the desired scope of services. Typically, these start from 5,000 EUR (excluding VAT) to meet the basic requirements for a functional online shop.

      For more detailed information, feel free to contact us. Our Shopware agency in Nuremberg is available to create a tailored and non-binding offer based on your needs.

    • 4. What criteria are important in selecting an agency for Shopware that meets my requirements?

      To find the right Shopware agency or partner for your project, you should always consider the following aspects:

      1. Reliability:

      • How long has the Shopware agency been active in the market?
      • What references can they provide?
      • How is the feedback from clients?

      2. Expertise:

      • What experience do the web developers and programmers have with complex Shopware web solutions?
      • To what extent does the agency proactively contribute ideas?
      • Do you receive comprehensive and qualified advice?

      3. Communication:

      • How promptly do you receive answers to your questions?
      • Are the answers satisfactory in terms of content?

      If you are looking for a reliable Shopware partner, we are at your service. Contact us and see for yourself our expertise.

    • 5. How much time does it take to switch from Shopware 5 to Shopware 6?

      The duration of the transition from Shopware 5 to Shopware 6 varies depending on the scope of the data to be migrated. Typically, the switch takes about 3 weeks and includes the following steps:

      Step 1: Creation of the theme in Shopware 6

      Step 2: Configuration of Shopware 6 (payment methods, shipping costs, taxes, currency, etc.)

      Step 3: Setup and configuration of plugins Step 4: Migration of data such as products, customers, orders, etc.

      For further information or personal consultation regarding the transition to Shopware 6, feel free to contact us. Our Shopware agency in Nuremberg is available.

    • 6. Is it advisable to migrate from Shopware 5 to Shopware 6?

      If you intend to increase sales volume through improved website performance and provide additional security to your users, migrating from Shopware 5 to Shopware 6 is highly recommended. Users will appreciate the benefits of the new shopping environment.

      If you are considering a Shopware migration, our experienced experts in Nuremberg are available. Contact us for professional advice.

    • 7. What benefits does a Shopware migration tool offer during a relaunch?

      Unfortunately, the benefits are limited. Currently, there are many migration tools available for the relaunch from Shopware 5 to 6, but none of them can guarantee a 100% successful data migration. Due to individual customizations in database tables, it is advisable to conduct a thorough database analysis before data synchronization.

      If you wish to have such a database analysis, feel free to contact us. Our Shopware agency in Nuremberg is available to provide professional advice.

    • 8. Are my custom plugins that I used in my Shopware 5 shop compatible with Shopware 6?

      It is highly likely not the case. Especially individually developed Shopware plugins are mostly not compatible and need to be reprogrammed. Shopware 6 has a completely different code and database structure compared to Shopware 5. Please note: If you acquired the plugin through the Shopware Community, check in advance whether the manufacturer has already released a compatible plugin version.

      If you need assistance with the creation and programming of plugins, our Shopware professionals in Nuremberg are happy to help. Contact us for more information.

    • 9. How much does a relaunch with Shopware cost?

      Typically, the costs for a Shopware relaunch are approximately at the same level as setting up a new Shopware shop. If you are interested, feel free to contact our Shopware agency in Nuremberg. We provide professional advice and can create a customized offer for you.

    • 10. How can I improve and optimize the loading time of my Shopware shop if it is slow?

      The loading time of your Shopware shop can be negatively influenced by various factors:

      • Incorrect server configuration: Ensure that your hosting provider meets all the necessary requirements needed by Shopware. You can find all relevant information on the official Shopware website.
      • Extensive datasets: Having more than 50,000 products in the shop can lead to delays in database retrieval, impacting the user shopping experience. It is advisable to optimize database queries.
      • Unclean programming: Sometimes the code of Shopware shops is not cleanly written. In such cases, it is recommended to have the code reviewed and improved by experts.

      If you desire optimization and improvement of the loading time, our experienced Shopware professionals from Nuremberg are available. Contact us for a free consultation.

    • 11. Can WebiProg also take care of the maintenance and support of my Shopware shop?

      Yes, we offer comprehensive services for the ongoing maintenance and support of your Shopware shop.

      If you are interested in professional maintenance and support for your online shop, we are at your disposal. Contact us for more information.

    • 12. How can I get in touch with WebiProg?

      To contact WebiProg, you can reach us through the following:

      Contact Information:
      Email: info@webiprog.de
      Phone: +49 173 659 14 88

      We look forward to hearing from you and are available for further information or inquiries.

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