Best practice for Shopware 5 plugin development

Best practice for Shopware 5 plugin development

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Shopware is a widely known e-commerce system in Germany and in the DACH region and surrounding areas. The online store system is an open-source platform and allows businesses to go online fast with the store. The fully customizable and scalable platform also offers a lot of flexibility to meet specific requirements and demanding needs as much as possible. The software has promising marketing features and integrated SEO functions. At the same time, the store scalability is achieved through the easy extensibility at the Shopware plugin development level.
The current article describes Shopware’s basic functions and must give you ideas with which additional functions you would like to extend your current online store.

Product management, extensible functions & search

In addition to simple products, the store system also offers the possibility to manage configurable and bundled products (Shopware Bundle Products). The configurable products are called product variants, which can be displayed in the store system with different prices as well as images.

Extensible functions can be used to create attribute-based rules that are suitable as components for process automation. This ultimately means that the data used in an attribute can be used to improve other products with similar criteria. The result is that your own brand or more profitable products are advertised and positioned online more efficiently. It is one of the few examples of a rule-based feature that can be very useful for large retailers.

The search is based on an advanced and rule-based console that indexes different types of content such as products, blog posts, categories and CMS pages. It also includes features to manage similar words, synonyms and individual keywords.

Shopware Shopping Worlds

Shopping World is one of the greatest sales tools for merchants. It allows the store owner to create highly flexible content pages with all the desired features that can be imagined. A merchant can easily create products, product details, banners, videos, images, blogs, sliders, carousels, etc. using drag and drop as well as a highly customizable Shopware layout. There is also a built-in blog functionality in Shopware that includes all the major blogging features.

Shopware API Interface

With this extension for the API you can enable integration and thus data exchange as well as data migration with third-party providers.

Shopware filter options and category widgets

The system provides extensible widgets that can be configured either by preset rules or manually created rules. Preset rules include the following widgets: Cross Sell / Up Sell products, Best Sellers, Novelties etc.

Personalized articles

The store system also offers customized products that are highly configurable and can be more or less called Shopware personalized items.

Shopware promotions and discounts

There are very advanced tools for promotions or discounts. You can define highly specific rules for customers or for products that will come into effect only when the buyer reaches a certain status in your store. For example, a 20% discount on a certain product if the cart value is over 1000 EUR.

Shopware Multishop

The Multishop (or Shopware Sub shops) allows you to manage multiple storefronts from the same headquarters and offers the possibility to customize and configure the storefronts.

Shopware Marketing Tools

Shopware offers the following extensive marketing features:

  • Affiliate program with commissions: The merchant can create a simple affiliate program where he can create affiliates with commission methods, custom codes, amounts, cookies, etc.
  • Loyalty program: The merchant can also set the loyalty points manually for different items, customer groups, etc.
    Product ratings: A rating tool is integrated into Shopware.
  • Evaluation tool: Shopware offers a very helpful evaluation and analysis tool for most sold products, customer information, search and more.

Custom Shopware Plugin Development

Plugins is our passion! We position ourselves as a Shopware agency and specialize in the development of custom plugins.
We extend the functionality of the website with custom plugins, modules and components. We provide plugin configuration and custom plugin development based on your business requirements.
We have developed hundreds of Shopware plugins and features for various industries, including automotive, airline, telecom, education, media, finance, event management, etc.
Contact us if you want to have a custom plugin created for your online store.

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