From decision to success: Shopware web presence of BEKATEQ

From decision to success: Shopware web presence of BEKATEQ


Professional Shopware design for successful web presence

Since its foundation in 2016, BEKATEQ GmbH & Co. KG specializes in coating systems for paints, varnishes, wood protection products as well as wall, floor and metal coatings and markets high-quality products of established brands and manufacturers from Germany under its own brand.

Problems that are not always apparent

As a rule, the shop owners do not see any problems on the website. The only indicator in this case is the unsatisfactory turnover.

When Bekateq came to us, there were certain problems on the website and the online store required significant improvements in terms of technical and visual aspects. Before we started the Shopware optimization and improvement, we wanted to get a clear idea of what exactly needed to be improved on the website.

Our website analysis revealed the following errors:

  • Unclear home page content and product details;
  • Complicated and misleading menu navigation;
  • Lack of semantic anchors on home page;
  • Complicated and erroneous checkout process;
  • Outdated Shopware system;
  • Faulty and no longer running plugins;

What makes the website successful? – Prfessional Shopware Design!

As a Shopware agency, we specialize in developing brand association strategies, creating ideas that reinforce reputation, influence decision makers, and generate content. Every time we create a new Shopware store, we take for granted that when the new visitor visits the website, he has only a few seconds to convince himself that the current website is the right choice for him and that he can find everything he is looking for in the store.

Our decision was to start with the concept for the Shopware design. Therefore, at first it was necessary to create a corporate design. But creating a successful website is hard to imagine without considering the best possible user experience if you want to create sophisticated web design.

A strong sense of aesthetics was most important to us! That’s why we, as a Shopware web design agency, have created a simple and user-friendly, yet graceful and non-intrusive design. We designed it with customer comfort in mind.

When creating the design, we took into account the following criteria:

  • Simplicity;
  • Visual hierarchy;
  • Ease of navigation;
  • Uniformity;
  • Accessibility;
  • Conventions;
  • Credibility;
  • Customer at the center;

The design should focus on the needs of the users. If a website is not aesthetically pleasing or intuitive, the website can hardly be useful because users will bounce off the website.

The content is the next key to the successful Shopware web presence. The theme of the images on the website completely depends on what message the online store should convey. The images selected for the website should be suitable for the products or brand and should not confuse the user.

Efficient requirements for the successful Shopware search engine optimization.

Shopware website development is quite complicated. Developing an SEO friendly website is even more complicated because SEO certainly improves the overall searchability and visibility of the website on search engines. To be able to create an SEO friendly website, you have to meet many technical requirements first. In short, the successful website SEO optimization starts with Shopware theme development.

As a Shopware template agency, we understand that design adoption in Shopware requires custom development of an SEO-friendly template. In this sense, our Shopware team takes the following technical SEO aspects into consideration:

  • OnPage optimization (e.g. title tags, alt tags, H1, meta description etc.);
    The title tag is a very important part of the website for Google. Through tags Google recognizes what the website is about. Meta description and keywords thus increase the impact and increase the relevance of your website.
  • SEO-friendly URL structure;
  • The URL is the main address for each individual page of the website or online store on the web. Each URL on the website starts with the main domain name (e.g. www.IhrName.de). For each page (except the homepage), additional characters follow that are unique to the page. As a Shopware SEO agency, we adjust the website URLs to keywords for which the particular page should rank high.
  • Website Loading Time Optimization;
  • When creating a Shopware theme, in addition to website speed optimization, you must also take into consideration the web hosting package and the plugins used. A fast loading time provides a better user experience and is one of the ranking factors that search engine algorithms take into account.
  • Responsive and Mobile-friendly Theme;
  • More than half of all online visitors come to websites via their mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. That’s why the Shopware theme as well as should work just as well on mobile devices as it does on desktop. Usually, it’s all about having a responsive website with large enough buttons so that mobile users can easily select them on a touchscreen. Using a responsive template (or Shopware layout) will ensure that the target visitors have a pleasant experience when buying through Shopware store.
  • From the aspects listed above that are necessary for a successful Shopware template development, it can be seen how difficult it is to create an SEO friendly online store and how important it is to choose the right Shopware theme agency as a partner. The right Shopware expert is your advantage on the way to a successful website.
  • Everything you should know about “Shopware Plugin Development”.
  • Shopware plugins refer to additional extensions designed to improve the user experience and increase conversions. Shopware in itself is an extremely flexible and customizable platform that can be extended with extensions to better optimize the online store to the target market.
  • The type of Shopware extensions that can be developed is almost unlimited. Plugins can be created for orders, checkout, shipping, marketing, API interfaces, reporting, navigation, search, reviews and more. You can make your online store more attractive with better product images, a simple menu structure, dynamic category pages, and user-generated content.

As a Shopware plugin expert, we were also asked to create a large number of plugins and had to consider the following points during plugin creation:

  • Shopware Performance;
  • Plugins are programmed based on Shopware standards and norms, which actually requires plugin performance to be taken into consideration as well. Experienced Shopware plugin developers must always have this plugin feature in mind to avoid making the problematic plugins.
  • Plugin Functional Breadth;
  • Many plugins have additional related functions or combine the potential of several plugins at once to produce more useful solutions. For this reason, it is important to check the individual descriptions and feature lists between similar plugins to determine which ones best fit the set task and thus the website.
  • Shopware plugin updateability;
  • When creating a Shopware plugin it is very important to convince that the programmed plugin will remain updateable and compatible with further Shopware versions.
  • All this allowed us as Shopware Plugin Agency to program the successful website and increase the sales of GmbH & Co. KG to increase.

Final thoughts about successful website creation

If you want to be successful online for years to come, creating a successful website is absolutely necessary. Developing a successful website is not as difficult as many people think. Yes, it needs some time and effort from your side. And you should avoid serious website mistakes that can lead to a certain disaster after the website launch. And always remember that your website must deliver an effective online marketing message. Here are the basic principles of a successful website once again:

  • A clean, professional, brand-focused design;
  • Easy-to-read content that speaks directly to the target audience;
  • Structured home page and product details;
  • CTA buttons on every page;
  • Easy navigation;

What is the next step?

If it is already firmly defined on your strategy list that you want to make your website successful and generate more sales through your website, then do not delay and get advice about Shopware professionals and experts. Contact us already now!

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