Room Planner – Online Support for Creative Room Design with Wallpapers

Room Planner – Online Support for Creative Room Design with Wallpapers

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Visualizing spaces with wallpapers in an online shop is an exciting way for technology and creativity to converge, transforming rooms. In today’s digital era, we have the opportunity to design our living spaces according to our visions, with wallpapers playing a central role. These versatile design elements allow a room to become a canvas for imagination and individuality.

An online shop offering wallpaper visualization opens doors to endless design possibilities. It’s not just about purchasing wallpapers; it’s a journey into the realm of aesthetics, where customers can visualize their visions before deciding on a product. In this preface, I’ll delve deeper into the significance and possibilities of room visualization with wallpapers, how they fuel creativity, and how online shops enhance this experience to inspire customers and turn their rooms into unique works of art.


Basic Functions of the Wallpaper Room Planner

The adaptation and integration of the room planner into Shopware‘s infrastructure are crucial steps in providing customers with a smooth and appealing experience. However, these measures go beyond mere technical compatibility. A wallpaper room planner in an online shop means more than just functionality; it’s a creative tool that stimulates imagination, enabling customers to customize their rooms down to the smallest detail.

Through meticulous configuration in the testing environment, we ensure not only the pure functionality of the room planner but also its user-friendliness. Seamless integration into the existing Shopware system enables customers to explore wallpaper selection intuitively and without obstacles.

Optimizing image processing is crucial as it forms the visual core of the room planner. High-quality depiction of images and graphics plays a key role in providing customers with a realistic preview of their design vision. This precise processing is not just technically relevant but also creatively significant, allowing customers to get an accurate picture of how their rooms might look with different wallpapers.

Ultimately, room visualization with wallpapers in the online shop is not just about the purchasing process but about creating an inspiring, interactive experience that unleashes customers’ creativity and helps bring their individual imagination to reality.


Wall Measurements and Wallpaper Rolls

Optimizing the wall surface calculation is an essential step to provide customers with a precise and need-based experience. It’s not just about calculating the area but also ensuring that the determined quantity of wallpaper rolls is both economical and practical.

In this context, we’ve enhanced the flexibility of the room planner by not only considering the exact area but also incorporating the individual characteristics of the wallpaper roll. The option for administrators to adjust the length, width, and price per roll ensures a realistic and customized calculation for the customers.

Considering whole wallpaper rolls in the calculation is a crucial factor to ensure both accuracy and cost-effectiveness. This expansion of the room planner goes beyond mere visualization, allowing users not only to determine the required quantity of wallpaper but also to accurately calculate the total cost. This detailed functionality adds a new dimension to the planning process, enabling customers to precisely manage and plan material costs.

Through these enhancements, we’re not only providing seamless calculations but also a tailored and user-friendly experience. Customers have the ability not just to visualize their rooms but also to precisely plan their wallpaper needs, creating a comprehensive and efficient tool for their design requirements.


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Upload Function

Refining the upload function was a pivotal step in granting customers the utmost in individuality and creativity. The ability to upload their own patterns or designs represents genuine personalization that transcends the boundaries of pre-made wallpaper patterns.

By focusing on the patterns uploaded by users, we facilitate the seamless integration of personal creativity into the room planner. This empowers customers to adorn their homes with unique designs that reflect their personality and individuality.

Improving the upload function isn’t solely a technical adjustment; it’s an expansion of the room planner’s creative potential. It allows users to inject their own visual identity into their room designs, creating a unique, tailored experience that surpasses the conventional limits of predetermined wallpaper patterns.



The integration of additional features into our room planner marks a significant stride in providing users with a broader spectrum of design possibilities. These new functions not only expand the horizons of design but also offer enhanced control over the final appearance of room decoration.

The introduction of the black-and-white function provides users with a new tool to better comprehend the contrasts and shades of their chosen wallpaper patterns. Presenting the pattern in black and white opens up a wide field of creative experiments, allowing users to precisely adjust the visual effects on their room designs.

The addition of the rotation function for wallpaper patterns in degrees (0°, 90°, 180°, 270°) is another step in refining design control. Through this precise rotation option, users can precisely align their patterns to fit the dimensions and style of their rooms. This versatility enables a customized alignment of wallpapers, ensuring they fit perfectly onto the wall surface.

The integration of these functions not only expands the functionality of the room planner but also grants users even greater creative freedom and control over their room designs. It allows them to perfect the smallest details of their designs, creating spaces that match their individual visions in every aspect.

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Filter Function

Through the continued development of our platform, we’ve not only enhanced the ability for users to filter by thematic categories but also expanded functionality for administrators to integrate user-specific filter criteria. By incorporating additional filter criteria such as “Color,” new opportunities for a customized and targeted search for wallpaper patterns emerge.

The implementation of filter criteria like color provides users with a more precise and focused search. Instead of just filtering by general themes, they can now specifically search for particular colors that complement their visions for room design. Users looking for a specific color scheme now have the option to narrow down their search to these exact colors, enabling them to quickly and precisely find suitable wallpaper patterns.

This enhanced functionality not only offers a wider array of selection options but also provides users with improved control over their search results. This helps reduce the time spent searching for the perfect wallpaper pattern and allows users to focus on designs that align with their individual preferences and needs.


Pattern Service

The development of a solution that allows users to order a wallpaper pattern before purchase marks an important step in ensuring confidence and satisfaction in room design. We understand that it’s crucial for users to preview their chosen pattern in advance to ensure it fits perfectly in their space.

To streamline this process as seamlessly as possible, we’ve implemented a special feature that stores the entire configuration in the user profile. This allows users to effortlessly retrieve their previously created configuration and order the desired wallpaper pattern without starting from scratch each time.

This feature not only offers convenience but also a sense of security, as users can visualize their room design in advance. They have the opportunity to ensure that the selected pattern meets their expectations and harmonizes with their room design. This approach contributes to increasing customer satisfaction and streamlining the entire wallpaper roll purchasing process by enabling efficient and precise ordering.


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Prepared PDF File for Production

Our optimizations focused on fine-tuning the logic behind generating the PDF file transmitted to the client for production purposes. Our primary focus was to ensure that the created PDF accurately, precisely, and flawlessly replicates the wallpaper pattern defined by the user.

It was crucial that all individual adjustments and settings for the wallpaper pattern are accounted for in the generated PDF file. This includes parameters like color selection, size adjustments, pattern details, and all other user-defined configurations. After creation, the PDF file is securely stored on the client’s server to ensure reliable archiving and smooth transmission to the manufacturer or producer.



Room Design Reimagined: Creative Possibilities with Wallpaper Visualization

In conclusion, wallpaper visualization in the online realm opens doors to boundless creativity and individual expression. It’s not just about the simple purchase of a product, but the creation of an experience that brings visions to life. Our journey in optimizing these tools and processes aimed not only to enhance functionality but also to ignite inspiration in the hearts and minds of our users.

If you’re considering developing a room planner for creative room design using wallpapers, WebiProg GmbH, as a Shopware and SEO agency, is readily available to assist. We’re here to aid you in bringing your innovative concepts to life, transforming digital spaces into vibrant, personalized havens. Let’s collaborate to turn visionary ideas into tangible, breathtaking realities.


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