Examples of product personalization

Examples of product personalization

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In this section you will find some examples of product personalization, so let’s get started right now!

Nike has had great success with product customization

We all know Nike as one of the largest retailers in the athletic footwear and clothing industry. They wanted to increase the sales generated through their direct sales channel and product customization seemed to be the best solution.
Initially, they sold custom shoes for about $170, which not only increased sales, but also generated tremendous PR for innovation. Their product configurator was initially called Nike ID, but over time they renamed it Nike by You.

The leading US planner brand takes advantage of product customization

Blue Sky, the No. 1 planner brand in the U.S., has fully adopted the process of product customization, offering its customers a range of high-quality and customizable planners through its product configurator.

Customers can use their own images, choose from already uploaded and predefined images, customize the border style, color, fonts, change the planner design, format and much more. They gave their customers full freedom to design their planners the way they want. This bold move had a positive impact on their sales and they saw a 20% increase in sales.
Luxury online dog boutique shows an increase conversion rate due to product personalization

Susan Lanci Designs, a luxury online dog boutique, offers dog accessories of the highest quality, comfort and superior safety. They saw an opportunity to implement product customization in their online store, and this resulted in customers being able to customize every detail of the new dog accessories. Thanks to this new feature, they saw a 9% increase in conversion rate.

Do you want to personalize your products?

It’s been a long ride! In this article we talked about the following:

– What is Shopware Product Configurator
– Advantages of Shopware Product Configurator
– Types of Shopware Product Configurators
– Types of Shopware Product Configurators
– How does customization of products affect customers?
– Various examples of product configurations in action

It’s safe to say that giving your customers more freedom to create their unique products has its benefits. Providing such a premium service is a great differentiator from the competition and a great way to ensure that your customers really connect with your business.

If you’re looking to implement a Shopware Product Configurator in your business, contact us!

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And if you need help or advice on your product or data management strategy, contact us and let’s see how we can help!

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