Integrating DATEV with Shopware

Integrating DATEV with Shopware


DATEV is a leading provider of software and consulting solutions for tax consultants, auditors, and businesses in Germany. DATEV software is mainly used for managing finances, accounting, and payroll processing.

Shopware is an e-commerce platform that allows businesses to create, operate, and manage online shops. Shopware offers a variety of features, including product management, customer management, order and delivery management, integration with payment services, and a user-friendly administration interface.

Integrating Shopware with DATEV can help automate the financial and accounting processes of an online shop, saving time and resources. WebiProg specializes in DATEV integration with Shopware and offers a ready-made plugin for your shop.

What data can be synchronized between Shopware and DATEV?

The synchronization between Shopware and DATEV depends on the configuration settings. Typically, data such as customer information, orders, invoices, and delivery notes can be synchronized. It is also possible for other data to be synchronized, depending on the requirements and features of the interface used.

It is important to note that data synchronization can occur in both directions, i.e., data can be transferred from Shopware to DATEV and from DATEV to Shopware, depending on the configuration settings.

How can DATEV be integrated with Shopware?

To keep your online shop up-to-date, WebiProg has created the integration as a Shopware plugin. The plugin can be easily installed in your shop system with the click of a button. To integrate DATEV with Shopware, there are several steps that can be followed:

Check compatibility: We ensure that your version of Shopware is compatible with your version of DATEV. If it is not, we will adjust the plugin accordingly.

Set up the plugin: We set up the plugin.

Configure the interface: Ensure that the interface in DATEV is properly configured to enable data transfer between Shopware and DATEV.

Set up data transfer: Set up the transfer of data such as customer information, orders, and invoices from Shopware to DATEV.

Check integration: We check the integration to ensure that all data is transferred correctly.

Get support: If you have any issues with the integration, you can contact our customer support.
It is important to note that each integration can be different, depending on your specific requirements and the versions of Shopware and DATEV used. It is therefore recommended to hire an expert to ensure that the integration is successful.

Benefits of integrating DATEV with Shopware

The integration of DATEV with Shopware offers a range of benefits, including:
1. Automation of business processes: The integration can automate business processes, saving time and resources.
2. Real-time data transfer: Data synchronization between Shopware and DATEV occurs in real-time, allowing for fast and up-to-date monitoring of business data.
3. Avoidance of data errors: The integration avoids manual transfer errors, leading to higher data quality.
4. Improved decision-making: Integrating data from Shopware and DATEV allows decision-makers to gain a better understanding of their business activity and make data-driven decisions.
5. Increased efficiency: Integrating Shopware and DATEV allows businesses to optimize their business processes and increase efficiency.
6. Cost savings: Automating business processes and avoiding manual transfer errors can lead to cost savings through the integration of Shopware and DATEV.

It is important to note that the exact benefits of integrating Shopware and DATEV depend on the specific requirements and versions used. It is therefore recommended to hire an expert to ensure that the integration is successful and the desired benefits are achieved.

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