Features and characteristics of the Shopware Enterprise Edition

Features and characteristics of the Shopware Enterprise Edition

Shopware Enterprise

Shopware offers different editions of the software, which can best cover special customer needs. These editions have different characteristics, as the user requirements for using the software are also quite different.

  • The Free Community Edition is completely free and accessible to everyone without restrictions. It offers open source access to the software on which everything at Shopware is based. There are also options for plugin implementations and access to the Shopware forum, where questions about Shopware are answered by specialists.
  • Professional Edition is designed for customers who value a comprehensive support system from the vendor. This version includes many features such as advanced e-commerce automation, social commerce, omnichannel commerce and integrated marketing and SEO tools.
  • Shopware 6 Enterprise Edition is Shopware’s most comprehensive and feature-rich product. In addition to the highest level of support (you get your own account manager and direct developer support) and all the features of the Professional Edition, it includes powerful features for B2B commerce, a high-performance search function and several other exclusive features for your successful e-commerce projects.

What are the Shopware Enterprise costs?

With Shopware, the price is always based on benefits and functionality, everything absolutely transparent and clearly structured.
As already mentioned, the Community Edition is completely free of charge, it is mainly aimed at the technically savvy users who would like to put their hands on the code themselves and also set up the hosting themselves.

The Professional Edition can be purchased monthly from 199 euros plus VAT as a subscription or as a one-time purchase for 2,495 euros. It is aimed primarily at medium-sized customers and offers many features for a fair price.

The Enterprise Edition is Shopware’s flagship product and offers access to all of Shopware’s existing features and a unique level of support. This edition is aimed at large customers who are already leaders in their field and naturally want to grow further.

Enterprise also offers the subscription option for 2,495 euros per month plus VAT, or you can buy the edition for a price of 39,955 euros.

At this point, we would like to mention another outstanding feature of the Enterprise Edition, the Shopware B2B Suite.

Sometimes customers in the B2B segment face a serious problem: the limited functionality of the chosen platform, which does not allow them to implement the necessary functions in the online store. With Shopware Enterprise Edition you don’t have this problem, namely you can integrate B2B Suite features into your existing software environment and workflows.

The B2B Suite offers a full range of features, including access and role management, approval processes, budgeting and fast payment. Of course, B2B Suite can be adapted to individual customer requirements.

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