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Why do you need Shopware connection with PIM?

PIM software acts as the hub for all product information and benefits your brand in many ways. PIM integration with Shopware reduces the time it takes to onboard new employees, coordinate product launches, develop marketing campaigns, and open new sales channels. This gives employees more time to find innovative ways to engage customers efficiently.

Omnichannel experiences

Many brands are using an omnichannel approach to engage their customers across channels. Establishing a cohesive brand across hundreds of channels can be challenging for product marketers. PIM for Shopware makes it much easier to manage physical and digital product content for each channel, allowing PIM system administrators to assign assets to a hierarchy of catalogs that can be matched with campaigns. Thanks to the PIM system for Shopware, product marketers can also make on-demand changes and publish new content quickly.


Typically, sales reps have to wait for product and marketing teams to provide the necessary sales materials. With the PIM interface for Shopware, sales reps can find the information they need about a product and create a customized sales proposal. All the salesperson has to do is select a template, products, and pricing structure that they think will be a good fit for their potential customer.

Reliable data

Data that enters the shop system through the Shopware PIM Connector is assigned to a category. PIM administrators can prioritize between different data sources, and this data is updated regularly to ensure that PIM users are working with the latest product information. This reduces the risk of using outdated or inaccurate information when creating marketing materials or offers with outdated specifications, incorrect prices, or obsolete products.

Centralized product information

PIM organizes disparate data within a business system while ensuring the quality and accuracy of product information throughout its lifecycle. Centralized product information also improves the efficiency of sales and marketing teams and helps companies expand their product catalog without creating unnecessary SKUs that clutter up your ERP system.

Better marketing

The PIM Connector for Shopware gives marketers the ability to combine product data to create more effective sales campaigns. Brands can use technical specifications to create more detailed messages, use targeted information to develop personalized campaigns, and use customer data more effectively. With a variety of digital media, marketing teams can test countless combinations of images, videos, and documentation to achieve the best results.


If you are building a Shopware shop while coordinating a marketing or sales department and selling through multiple channels simultaneously, then Product Information Management is the right choice for you. With PIM systems, sales teams can compile accurate product data at any time. In turn, sales managers can track how sales teams and potential customers interact with product data and find ways to improve conversion rates.
Marketers can also work with translation agencies to automatically update translated product information as they open new global markets. In addition, all stakeholders can use the PIM to Shopware synchronization at the same time, streamlining workflows.


To manage the rapidly increasing product data growth and reduce time to market, you need an efficient Shopware REST API integration with PIM.
WebiProg as your competent Shopware partner agency ensures a professional PIM connection for your online shop and enables the synchronization of complex product data with ERPs, CRMs or any other REST API-based product information management platform.
As a Shopware advertising agency, we currently support many B2B and B2C companies and would be happy to help you with your Shopware PIM connection.

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