WebiProg gives tips: Shopware for our customers

WebiProg gives tips: Shopware for our customers

Die WebiProg GmbH gibt Tipps

As a leading German company for development of Shopware product configurators with the Print On Demand concept, WebiProg GmbH knows exactly: no matter whether you start with a new shop or already work on another platform, the right start is always very important.

Let’s first talk about the customers who want to start selling first and consider what is the best way to start their online shop:

Hosting selection

There are several options to choose from here. We will be happy to discuss questions of price, reliability, certifiability and other crucial parameters with the customer, taking into account all his wishes and offering the best solution.

Shopware installation

There are several ways to introduce customers to the advantages of the platform. You can independently familiarize yourself with standard features (and, if agreed, advanced features) of Shopware. This will give you an idea of how your shop, its management and basic functions will look like. For this purpose we offer individualized demo versions of the website. After all, it is always better to test once yourself! This offer is also valid for customers who want to migrate their existing shop from another platform to Shopware.

In the already installed engine there is a comprehensive and detailed user manual that will help you understand how a Shopware based online shop works in a short time. In addition, we are always available to advise you and demonstrate the operation of individual options.

The second part of our customers are companies that have decided to migrate their existing shop from another e-commerce system to Shopware. In this case, the process is more time-consuming, as the correct migration of the customer database must be performed cleanly and reliably. We have an extensive database of pre-built add-ons, but we are equally capable of writing personalized features and plugins for your e-commerce platform.

We will be happy to provide you with a list of shops that can be migrated to Shopware and give you detailed information about each case. In addition, we have knowledge and experience of what problems can occur during the migration. We know how important it is to start the updated shop quickly and how long it takes to fix teething problems. Everything else is left to the customer.
Individual approach, speed, quality and transparency are our strengths. The praise and feedback from our customers speaks for itself.
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These gentlemen are experts in their field! Alex and his team are very enthusiastic and have helped me out of trouble several times. Thank you!

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