What is Shopware Product Configurator

What is Shopware Product Configurator

Shopware Produktkonfigurator

How important is product customization and what exactly is the Shopware Article Configurator?

These 2 questions are nowadays one of the most frequently asked questions for both B2C and B2B companies when talking about Shopware Article Configurator. We now know that the personalization of a product is one of the most important factors in the purchase decision.

This statement has been repeatedly confirmed over the years until today. Today, we are taking personalization to a higher level. Instead of providing customers with products personalized just for them, why not let them create their own personalized and unique products? If we do this, what results will we get?

In the current article you can learn more about Shopware product configurators, product personalization and the pros and cons of product customization. In addition, we have prepared some examples for you that you should not miss!

Now let us tell you more about Shopware product configurators!

What we have prepared for you

Table of contents

– What is a Shopware product configurator?
– Does your business need a product configurator?
– What is the impact of product customization on customers?
– Advantages and disadvantages of product personalization
– Examples of product personalization
– Do you want to customize your products?

What is a Shopware product configurator?

Simply put, Shopware Product Configurator is a Print on Demand, Embroidery or Engraving on Demand plugin that acts as a coupling of all the parameters and properties of a particular product, allowing you to customize as well as personalize the desired product. In short, it’s like using a product designer to customize/design the item as you wish.

The product configurator visualizes the product rules that must be entered by your visitors to complete. Of course, this must be done before the order is sent to the manufacturing team.
Essentially, the product configuration is an interactive process between the Shopware configurator and the user. The user selects a feature, the configuration engine validates the decision, and the user can move on to the next decision.

On the outside, this process seems simple. But behind it lies the complex structure of the Shopware Product Designer plugin and its multitude of product configuration rules.

Now that we know how a product configurator works, let’s find out if it is suitable for your business and what benefits it brings!
Does your company need a Shopware Product Configurator?

This is a valid question. Not every company needs a product designer tool. If your company handles a large number of products and each product has more than 3 functions, then you can use “Custom Products” for individualized products.

Let’s take a look at some common situations:

– Would you like to test new models and options for your products?

No need to spend resources on the actual production of a new product. You can create a virtual version of the product and try it out in a Shopware Product Configurator. If it’s a 3D configurator you’re working with, you can create 3D models of your products and gain even more insights.

– Having trouble finding the best product from your total offer?

If you have a large number of products and are looking for a bestseller, a product designer plugin can be useful. By analyzing your customers’ choices when configuring their own products, it will be easier to find out the most successful product versions and focus on making more of these preferred products.

– Your sales team spends more time entering order details than selling?

Simply put, Shopware Product Configurator does all the work. It takes all the order details, and after your sales rep approves the order (which is already verified via configuration logic), the order is immediately sent to the manufacturing team.

These are some common situations you have probably experienced. A proper product designer tool can greatly relieve your team and optimize your entire sales process.

To answer the question of how much you need a configurator for your online store, answer the following questions:

1) How often do customers return to my site and make repeat purchases??

2) How could I increase the number of returning customers and thus influence the sales volume more efficiently? Would Print on Demand Shopware Plugin be the right solution for this?

3) How much time does my sales force spend actually selling the products?

4) What would my business look like if I offered product personalization?

If you are dissatisfied with your answer to at least one of the given questions, it means that you need to optimize your sales process significantly and for that you need Shopware Configurator.

If you need a reliable Shopware partner as an agency to help you build a product designer tool like Print on Demand, Engraving or Embroidery on Demand plugin and ensure that you can take full advantage of product customization, we will be happy to help you!

We are experts in Shopware development with many years of experience. Whatever you want, we will build it!

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