Shopware Forum: the foundation for progress

Shopware Forum: the foundation for progress

Shopware forum

Shopware’s success is based on many factors. The excellent strategy, the open access to the software, the sustainable programming – all these aspects have a common denominator. It is the community idea that carries the essence of the Shopware philosophy. A global network of established developers works on further developing the Shopware software. And for Shopware users, there is the Shopware Forum. A place where all questions about Shopware are answered by experts at any time. The forum is international, and is conducted in both English and German.

It is a Shopware 6 forum and is there a Shopware 5 forum?

Of course, you might think that this forum is dedicated to the latest software version, Shopware 6. But you would only think that way if you didn’t know Shopware really well. Shopware is absolutely customer-oriented, the customer is at the center of attention and a unique customer experience is one of Shopware’s stated goals. In addition to a Shopware 6 forum, there is an archived thread there, which provides information about the Shopware 3.5 release.

Of course, there is also a Shopware 5 forum, which still enjoys great popularity, because there are still many shop owners who have not yet updated to Shopware 6. By the way, we offer a moving service from Shopware 5 to Shopware 6 and we do it so well that your customers won’t even notice. And you wouldn’t either if you didn’t know.
In addition, there is an AG news thread on the Shopware forum, where various official announcements and interesting information about the company are sent.

Why are we telling all this?

Because we at Webiprog have built an ever growing community of customers and partners over the many years of our operation. And to unite this community in one virtual place, we decided to start a Shopware Forum. This way, we and our valued partners can always stay in touch. We would be happy to answer any questions there. With a feature we want to offer a special added value to all our customers, because we want to know what new applications and plugins we can develop for them. We want to know what challenges our customers face every day and how we can solve these challenges together. The only way we can all prepare for the future: as a community.

Initially, we will start with Forum Shopware 6, since the majority of our customers and partners use the latest release. But we are sure that in the future there will be more forums about Shopware and our other competencies like web design, SEO optimization и native Apps for Android and iOS.

We look forward to your ideas and our joint implementation!


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